At Diem, you lead the way.

Diem Insiders is where you come behind the scenes of perfumery. 

Help us decide on new products, get expert in all things scent, and try out new concepts before they launch.

You’re part of our evaluation team. We send you free lab samples of scents we’re thinking of releasing. You try them out at home and give us your honest feedback. 

  • 01.

    We announce the latest challenge on our email newsletter and invite our customers to register interest - first come,  first served. 

  • 02.

    Look out for a sample pack in your letterbox with two samples vying for launch.

  • 03.

    You try them at home and give us your vote based on a quick set of questions.

  • 04.

     After capturing your scores we reveal the winning scent and put it into production.

Registered for a challenge?

We're currently running our Rose 🌹 (spring 2024). If you're part of this challenge, click here to send us your views. Deadline xxx April 2024



How do I join Diem Insiders?

Diem insiders is free to join. We launch different challenges throughout the year. 

At the moment you can register your interest when we send out an email to our mailing list. We have limited supplies of samples so participation in each round is available on a first come first served basis. To join our mailing list click here.

How often do you run challenges?

We run challenges throughout the year. Once you’ve done one challenge and sent us your vote, you automatically get invited first to subsequent challenges. 

What do I get?

You'll be sent our Insiders sample pack, containing 2 x 2ml sample vials housed in fully-recyclable card.

What are the scents?

The scents are potential options for launch but they’re not for sale yet. We send them to you because we have two fantastic options we might launch and we’re not sure which one will go down best with our community. That’s where you come in, by voting for your favourite. We send out the scents as lab samples. They’re not yet for sale but are safe to use on skin. 

What will you ask me to do? 

Simple! You wear both on your skin and tell us which one you think we should launch. We might also ask you some other simple things like trying out the scent and reporting back how long it lasts on you.

How do I submit my votes?

Via this webpage. Click the button above and below, or follow the QR code in your sample box.

What happens if I don’t vote? 

We send out free samples in good faith that you’ll share your scores. If you don’t vote we won’t charge you for your samples, but we will take you off the list to automatically be invited into the next voting round.

Will you launch the scents?

Yes - we will count up the votes and launch the winning scent. Production will begin as soon as the vote is confirmed. As an insider you can get first dibs on a bottle ahead of anyone else.