As a new brand we know it’s important to minimise our impact on natural resources. We are excited to share progress with you as we grow. Right now there are things we can do, and things that are on our slate for the near future. We’ll execute these as quickly as we can, once we have the scale to adapt our supply chain. 

At the moment we are particularly keen to hear about sustainable packaging options for pumps, caps and nozzles.

minimal packaging

Our discovery boxes will fit through the letterbox and our 30ml bottles use minimal packaging.

We make conscious choices by opting for eco-friendly paper and card from renewable sources.

Recyclable Boxes, Vials, and Bottles

Our mailer boxes are designed to be easily recyclable alongside your paper goods. Our 2ml vials are crafted from glass. Once separated from the clear pumps, which can be pulled off, they can be recycled.

Every card you receive with your Discovery Set and 30ml purchase is recyclable.

Our Fragrances

We are doing our best to use responsibly sourced ingredients. All our scents are free from animal products, CITES ingredients and use non-RSPO Palm Oil

Future Sustainability Mission

  1. We are looking to localise our supply chain to reduce our carbon footprint
  2. We are exploring a new bottle design which is recyclable. We're aiming for a refillable solution in the near future. 
  3. We are testing new pumps and caps to find a more sustainable solution for the future for our bottles.