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The Diem Difference

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Our AI scent assistant analyses the scents you love and builds your discovery set to suit. Try them out in your own space and time.



Our AI scent assistant builds your personalised discovery set. No more generic his and hers. Instead, yours.


We've organised a risk-free shopping experience so you can be empowered to take a chance on a new fragrance.



Scent should be playful, not stressful. All our 30ml scents are returnable for a full refund, even if you've tried it and decide it's not for you.


The more you feedback on which scents you like and don't like, the more our AI assistant can build your unique profile, and share other scents we think you'll love to smell.



Our scent collection grows with you. Fuelled by your feedback, we build your scent profile and create new scents you'll love to wear.

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The Collection

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Send a fragrance they will love

Give the gift of scent with our risk free gifting service that ensures the recipient receives a fragrance they love.


Scent Experimentation Made Simple

We set out to make luxury fragrances available to everyone.
By selling directly rather than through retailers, and by being clever with our supply chain, we can pass the savings back to you.


Discovery Box



30ml Fragrance



Postage & Packaging



Risk Free Gifting




Personalised discovery sets

Standard boxes or build-your-own

Redeem Discovery Box Price Off First 30ml Bottle







  • Libby

    "I’d always played it safe with citrussy scents but turns out I’m a massive fan of warm spicy perfumes. Thank you Diem for showing me something new!"

  • Emma

    "So good to have everything organised for me and the samples sent to my home. Love having one new scent a day to test first and I've now found my new Winter scent!"

  • Matt

    "All five scents were very impressive in their depth and quality and it was nice trying new types. I particularly loved wearing Day 1 as a sophisticated scent that stayed with me all day."

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer samples or a discovery box before purchasing a full-size bottle?

Yes, we offer the ability for you to try five scent samples via our personalised discovery set.

How does your AI assistant work?

Our pioneering in-house AI is called YENA - Your Expert Nose Assistant. YENA builds your unique scent profile based on the scents and styles you've worn and enjoyed before. They also want to know what you think of the Diem scent samples we send you to try. Scent is personal: the most important thing is what YOU think. The more you tell us, the smarter YENA gets in their recommendations so you have fun experimenting with fragrance. YENA also comes up with ideas of new scents our community might enjoy - and just don't know it yet.

How do I get a personalised discovery set ?

If you have an invite code from one of our partners, start your discovery journey here and enter the code when prompted.

If you don’t have a code, you can buy your personalised discovery set directly here.

Is Diem a vegan and cruelty free brand?

Yes, our fragrances are vegan, contain no animal products and are not tested on animals

How do I send someone a gift ?

Sending a gift is easy and designed so the recipient truly finds a scent they love. No guess work on your part!

Our gift packages include a beautifully packaged discovery set which comes with a personalised gift card bearing a message from your. Once they’ve chosen their favourite, they will have a voucher included for either one or two full 30ml bottles of scent. They head to the website and enter their voucher code, and we will send it to them.  You decide whether to include one or two bottles. Head here to order your gift.