A Revolution in Fragrance gift buying

No more guessing. No more buying the same old. With Diem's gift experience, they get to choose their new favourite scent.

Diem Gift Set laid out on table

Discovery Set with 5 x 2ml Samples

Voucher for a 30ml bottle of their choice

All postage and packaging paid for by sender.

Find them a gift, they're sure to love.

  • Risk-Free

    By sending them our bestselling discovery box first, you no longer have to guess what they might like or end up buying the same old fragrance they've had for years. You KNOW they will find something they truly love.

  • Something Unusual and Different

    They get a fun experience exploring luxury scents at home and then also their favourite arrives as a full size 30ml bottle. An experience and product wrapped up in one gorgeous bundle.

  • Hassle-Free

    You buy the gift and just say where you'd like us to send the discovery set (to you for wrapping or directly to the recipient). We take care of the rest the whole experience.

  • Scents for Everyone

    Our scents are always gender inclusive which means there is always something for everyone. They're pretty much guaranteed to find a scent they love.

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  • Ellie P.

    What a great idea. It's like having two gift surprises in one, with the discovery set and then the full size bottle afterwards.

  • Adam R.

    I'm pretty much useless at buying gifts and normally just end up buying something they already have. Finally, no more... thank you Diem!

  • Edward S.

    I mean, if this isn't the best value gifting product under £50, then I don't know what is!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all the delivery fees included?

Yes, the gift bundle is totally inclusive and includes all postage and packaging (for both sending the discovery set and later their chosen 30ml full bottle)

Will the recipient see any pricing information?

Not at all. We don't include any receipts or pricing in our gifting products.

How does the recipient claim their full size bottle?

We put a gift card with a unique code inside their discovery set with directs them to page on our site for entering the code and choosing the 30ml bottle fragrance they want to receive.

Do you really use high quality ingredients in your fragrances?

Oh yes!

Can I return the gift?

Unfortunately no. Our gift bundle is a non-refundable purchase unless we deem there to be exceptional circumstances.

How long does the recipient have to claim their full size 30ml bottle after they've explored the discovery set?

They'll get 90 days from receiving the discovery to claiming their full size 30ml bottle on our website. That should be plenty of time!