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Discovery Edits

Discovery Edits

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Experience a Scent Discovery Set that's personalised to you. Containing five scents, chosen based on your scent preferences. Explore how each melds with your skin, then recoup the cost of your set towards a bottle of your favourite.

Diem creations are developed by leading perfumers at Eau de Parfum strength, giving them serious staying-power: one application and you're done. Whether you're a fan of bold florals, warm spices or aromatic woods, you'll find something to love.


  • 5 x 2ml fragrance vials - at least 300 sprays
  • Rate your scents and get the cost of your discovery set off your first 30ml purchase
  • Scent strips and discovery cards to test and learn about each scent
  • Luxury (and fully recyclable) box in our signature cobalt blue
  • Free delivery in 2-3 working days
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"The longevity is incredible. I’m a fragrance writer so have tested a LOT of perfumes and I’m super impressed."

The Diem Difference

Our introductory discovery set makes it easy to try our scents, with no obligation to buy a full bottle.


Our discovery sets are delivered straight through your letterbox.


We focus on the juice. Diem partners with perfumers at leading fragrance houses. We put no limits on formulation budgets and emphasise high-quality ingredients.


Diem is about everyday joy. Those fleeting, poignant moments that can be hard to describe. Our scents press pause, inviting you to hold onto that feeling.


As we get to know you we'll personalise recommendations and evolve our scents so you continue to receive fragrances that delight and surprise.





Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a 30ml bottle last ?

On average, depending on how often you apply it, a 30ml bottle of fragrance can last for approximately 2 to 4 months. However, if you use it more generously or apply it daily, it may last closer to 1 to 2 months.

What strength are your perfumes?

Perfume strength can mean a few different things. It can refer to how powerful the scent smells to us. It can also relate to whether the scent fills a space when we walk into a room. Some of us also associate strength with how long-lasting a scent is.

Our fragrances are at Eau de Parfum concentration which is higher than an Eau de Toilette, and means there is a greater proportion of fragrance oil in relation to the alcohol base. 

Are your fragrances gender inclusive?

Certainly. Anyone should feel free to wear anything and all our scents can be worn by anyone. What truly counts is your personal preference. Be yourself and wear what you adore.

Do you do returns?

If you have bought a 30ml bottle directly, we accept returns within 30 days of delivery using our pre-paid return labels provided by our Customer Care team. Simply contact and we will send you a prepaid label. Please note that all items must be returned unused, with authentic labels and in original packaging. If goods returned are not in a re-sellable condition, we may not accept your return.

Where do you ship to?

We currently ship only to addresses in the UK and do not yet offer international shipping. If there is enough demand, of course this is something we will explore in the future.